Olivette + Spa Gift Box 1

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Hand + Body Liquid Soap
Olivette hand + body wash is so much more than just a liquid soap. Hidden inside is a deceptively complex and nourishing formulation - all Australian and 100% natural. From the recycleable container to the natural chlorophyll and olive used to give our soap it's distinctive colour - this low foaming soap is the ideal all-rounder for your skin.

Sisal Japanese Body Brush:
Used in Spa's around the world, this well crafted traditional Japanese brush is ideal for cellulite, exfoliation, stimulating the lymphatic system and circulation. Great for dry brush beginners, more sensitive skin and travellers. Works well in bath or shower. Tones skin for a youthful smoothe glow. 

STAR+ROSE use only pure + natural sisal.
Sisal is a sustainable, vegetarian fibre from the Agave Cactus and is perfect for improving skin tone + exfoliation.
Use wet or dry.

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Olivette + Spa Gift Box 1

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